Batson Automatic Headworks Box


Improve Your Septic System’s Last Line of Defense!


SIMPLE TO INSTALL, our  headworks box is  designed to replace inadequate headworks components in  fresh water or wastewater treatment systems. Field tested for 4 years without failing, it is proving to be more durable and reliable than other (more expensive) filtration units on the market or in the ground.

Batson Automatic Headworks Box

Wholesale Commercial and Residential Units Available.


Our headworks box is very low maintenance. Snifter (schrader) valves on the filters enable you to determine flow. Our boxes utilize a dual valve filter system (2 filters) allowing you to simply switch flow to the clean filter so you can replace the dirty one… all without having to pump the system or turn it off.

If a filter ever becomes completely clogged, under normal usage, our system is designed to withstand the build up of pressure. No more delays because of having to order and replace broken parts or having to pump the wastewater treatment system at your customer’s expense. The Batson Box is easy to open and easy to secure. The filters are easy to access and changing one takes about 15-30 minutes.

Looking for less expensive, more durable and more reliable headworks than what’s out there? Whether for use in fresh water or wastewater treatment system designs, our box is designed to maintain efficient flow rates(55/110 GPM) and works with per-existing controllers. No new electronics needed.




Our product comes per-assembled. No assembly necessary No special tools or controllers required. Just stick them in the ground and hook them up!


Now you can start saving your customers from costly repairs!
We take great pride in our work and our relationship with our customers. If you have an interest in our Headworks Box feel free to contact us.

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